November 15, 2010

One month in

Whew! Did we really just have a baby last month? It feels like such an eternity ago that Satya joined our family, I can barely remember the days of one child! But between recovering from childbirth, Suchitra's adjustment, and Satya fitting his way into our daily life, we're doing pretty well.

Suchitra is showing herself to be the most empathetic of big sisters:
  • Her first question upon waking in the morning is "baby??" as in "what you have done with my little brother, irresponsible parents?!"
  • She's constantly listening for Satya's cries, refusing to allow us to ignore them even for a minute ("baby crying! Mummy hold baby!").
  • And she loves to help "burpoo baby"!

Of course she doesn't much like sharing with Satya...never mind that the sharing involves toys she played with 18+ months ago! She's also shown more clinginess to both mom and dad. Overall though I think she's done really well with this significant change in her life.

Satya...well, what can I say about our sleepy, laid back sweetheart? So far he's a good eater, good sleeper (4 hours at night!) and willing to go with the flow of the household. We're thankful every day for his flexibility and willingness to allow Suchitra to pat his fuzzy head!

All in all, we're having a wonderful time with our two kiddies. Can't wait for Satya to be old enough to return his big sister's kisses!

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