March 11, 2012

Just lovely

Big S trying to wake up little S after a walk/nap

March 2, 2012

Brother-sister artwork

Today Satya asked for some paint, paper and a paintbrush.

Apparently he shares big sister's obsession with art.

So then Suchitra wanted to join in on the fun.

The finished product:

February 19, 2012

Time for Disneyland?

The siren song of the amusement park has begun its call:

A little friendly advice

Big S to little S: You get what you get and you don't get upset.

January 5, 2012

For "Super Why" fans

"Chicha, it's time to get ready for bathtime. I'm turning off the light in the playroom. Let's go to your room."

"But I'm still playing!"

"I didn't say you couldn't play. You can play in your room."

"But it's impossible. It says so in my story--Suchi cannot play in her room!"

January 4, 2012

What did she just say?

S this morning: "PBS was brought to you by the support of viewers like you. Thank you."