November 2, 2010

Musical beds

11:30pm Satya's last feeding of the day

12:30-2am Satya awake and looking to play

2:30am Satya fed again, almost asleep

2:35am Suchitra screaming inconsolably in her crib, brought to our bed. Satya moved to pack n play to make room for Suchitra in bed

2:40-4am Both kids alternately awake or crying

4:05am Satya moved to Suchitra's crib in hope of allowing both to sleep

4:30am Suchitra still awake and looking to play

4:35am Satya (now asleep) back in our bed, Suchitra back in her crib

4:40-5:00am Suchitra patted and sung to, unwilling to sleep

5:05am Mom leaves Suchitra to put herself to sleep. Suchitra screams.

5:15am Everyone asleep.

7:45am Everyone awake.

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