August 19, 2010

19 1/2 months old

We finally got to the doctor's for Suchitra's 18 month checkup. She's grown SO much! 80 percentile for height and 20th percentile for weight...even though her appetite has decreased considerably since leaving daycare, good to know we're still managing to stuff some calories into her.

As for Suchitra's development, there are a few big changes I've noticed recently. For one, her language acquisition is skyrocketing! Everyday it seems like she picks up another word or two. Today, she suddenly starting point to every tree during our walk and exclaiming "leaves". And of course she learned "doctor" during our 1.5 hour visit :)

She's also becoming more and more feminine, if that's possible! Every baby we meet is pointed out and fawned over, and babies' cries bother her to no end. Her growing menagerie of stuffed animals lack for no attention. She loves to kiss new acquaintances, whether they be bugs, flowers or reflections in the mirror. If anything, she'll be OVERprepared for #2's arrival :)

On a more challenging note for mama, she's also showing increasing signs of independence and defiance. We haven't had a full-blown tantrum yet, but I'm bracing myself. We're in for a wild ride these next few months!

August 1, 2010


We had another great trip recently, our last big one before baby #2 arrives! We spent a week in Ann Arbor, visiting Shail and my parents.

Some highlights:
Ann Arbor Art Fair--it was alternately hot and rainy, but we got to hear some live music and create some neat art of our own.

Hands-on Museum--what a great place for kids 1 and up! We could have spent all day here!

And of course, some quality time with nana and nani:

On a related note, Suchitra finally learned her first Gujarati words during our trip! "Nana" means maternal grandfather, but Suchitra decided it should be equitably applied to all non-parental relatives! So we have lots of "nanas" in our lives now :)