January 15, 2011

2 years old!

Our chicha turned 2 last week. And boy did she know it.

She's a fiesty, opinionated nonstop talker who wants do everything "all by yourself". She talks in 5-8 word sentences, but can't quite manage to jump with both feet off of the ground. She knows colors, shapes, all of the letters in the alphabet and numbers to 10, but usually practices selective mutism when asked to identify them in public. She's a compassionate big sister who wants to make sure her baby brother is fed and happy, except when she tries to steal all of his toys. She uses the toilet to go "pee pee" 1-3 times a day, but we're too afraid to let go of her diapers!

In short, she's our "big" little girl: almost 3 feet tall and 26 lbs! Wow! We threw her a party last week to celebrate.

Satya, meanwhile, turned 3 months somewhere amidst the above craziness. He's a little over 13.5 lbs, and cooing and smiling nonstop. Still a good sleeper and still a homebody...hates the carseat and doesn't care much for the wrap, but couldn't be happier chilling on a blanket at home!

We're so thankful for our two happy, healthy little ones! Here's to a new year filled with joy!