September 23, 2010

The home stretch

I figured I better post a Suchitra update before October...we're getting really close to the time period during pregnancy when she was born, and I'm getting more and more nervous with each passing day. Hopefully #2 will stay put for a few more weeks.
In the are some things "Chicha" has been up to recently:
  • She started at her new preschool 2 days/week. Still crying a bit when daddy drops her off, but otherwise enjoying her new teachers and friends. If you ask her what she does all day, answers include "dance," "blocks," "night night" and "outsiiide!"
  • She knows all of her colors and some letters and numbers. Favorite letter is "S", favorite number is "2". Favorite color continues to be purple.
  • Learning new words like crazy. Mom and dad's current favorites are "all right!" "everywhere," "new car", "I don't know" and "there he is!"
  • She's got the possessive tense down, so we're waiting for some short sentences now.
  • Very sweetly helped mom pick out a gift for baby. Manages to restrain herself from playing and/or chewing on it most of the time.
  • Working on learning 2 important social/household skills: sharing and cleaning up after herself. Its hit or miss with both, but at least she's understanding the principle of the thing.
  • Has used her toddler toilet a couple times, but not showing too much interest. We'll probably wait until after baby is born and she's a bit older to speed up the process.
  • Sometimes lets mom take a short nap without throwing things at me for up to 10 minutes :)

We're having such a great time with our little girl...and excited and ready for her baby brother!