April 25, 2011

Finally a new post

I know, I'm so behind in updates...


  • Suchitra is 2 going on 16. She has full conversations with us, her stuffed animals and herself. She also has rolling-on-the-floor tantrums brought on by...well, just about anything. Currently loves anything art related, and really getting into pretend play ("Dr. Suchi" loves taking care of her sick animals!) Little interest in physical play. Favorite color is still purple. Favorite foods are chocolate, ice cream and cupcakes...got mama's sweet tooth all right :)

  • Satya is a whopping 6.5 months old. Still our chill boy, puts himself to sleep, talks/screams up a storm when happy, no interest in rolling over but sits up quite nicely, thank you! Starting to launch himself out of the bumbo...uh oh. Started solid foods last week. Yikes! He's growing up!

    Both kids survived two recent trips to San Diego and Ann Arbor and ended up having a blast. Happy wedding Shail Mama & Anna Auntie! Gonna have to work on getting Suchitra to say "Anna Mami" :) See lots of pics at http://4doshis.shutterfly.com/

    And finally a video. Enjoy!

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