April 27, 2010

On your 15 3/4 month birthday

Dear Suchitra,

Please forgive us our sentimental ramblings.

Your favorite words are "outside," "frisbee" and "agua"
You love to play in the dirt and run down hills
And if you could, you'd spend every day going "bye bye"
Exploring first the baby birds outside our kitchen window
And then the wide world that awaits

Did we mention, much to mom's chagrin
That your favorite color is pink?
Pink flowers, dresses and shoes
Pink stuffed animals and blankets
Sometimes tempered with a purple crayon

Though your favorite books still feature babies
Whom you have just learned to call by name
You are quickly outdistancing them
When did you become a little girl
With a toothy grin and hearty laugh?

We try to picture you in 2, 4, 17 years time
But our imagination fails us
We will content ourselves with the image
Of a glorious "super"
Running, with outstretched arms, towards the adventures that await.

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